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At Black Sheep Advisory we offer traditional bookkeeping and taxation services within a business consulting firm. We can do all or just one of these services for you. We focus on using cloud based software to integrate seamlessly between us and our clients.
We offer fixed fee bookkeeping services.Whilst our bookkeeping uses Xero as a base we also know that it is important to get your technology stack correct. This will make sure that all your data is entered correctly. We can also help optimise your processes, therefore minimising information double handling and easily ensuring that you keep all your financial information compliant, correct and up to date.
We will look after all of your accounting and compliance needs, making sure you are compliant with the ATO. We also look after your financial reporting, superannuation, corporate secretarial and we will liaise with the relevant authority on your behalf.
This is where we can really add value and get your numbers working for you. Being able to look at your numbers in real time we can work with you to analyse your business, provide advice and also most importantly the environment of accountability to move your business to the next level.
1. We start with a short 15 to 30 minute introductory call, or if you are based in Melbourne a face-to-face meeting is possible. During the call we get a feeling for you, you get a feeling for us and we see if it is possible to work together.
2. We will also get into a high level discussion about your current accounting processes including expense tracking, payroll etc. and ensure that all your ATO compliance is taken care of.
3. We will review your technology stack, where it is now and where it could be improved. If suitable we will provide a number of recommendations which can be implemented as we move forward.
4. Pricing - How much value we can bring to the table. Depending on the level of service you require we will tailor different packages with different price points to suite your needs and budget.
5. Launch - Once you have found the package that works for you we will set up the systems, wrap up the admin and get started. We will work with you to teach you how to use the new apps and develop a workflow that makes sense. You will be able to access our team using your preferred contact method (skype, email or google hangouts etc.)
Whilst what we have mentioned is the key foundation on what your business is built upon, the next step, and where we can add the real value, is with the business advice.
Timely bookkeeping is the key and by doing all three, Bookkeeping, Accounting and Business Advice together we are able to provide the best possible advice.
1. When we start working with your business, we know that each company is different, but we always start by looking at three different sections that are easy to say but are hard to do right.
2. We ask “Who is my customer and how do I get them?” This is the crux of our meeting, and for every business.“Is my product or service cheaper, better or different?” If your product or service isn’t one of the three then, simply put, you are out of the game. It is also critical to tie this back to the customer and their wants and needs.
3. We review and analyse your metrics. Real time metrics and streamlined processes means you can talk about the issues that matter, when they matter. This, of course, leads to better planning, strategy and decision making. We get to the core of what does your business have to get right to make money, and we monitor and then critically act, we create an environment of accountability.